Monique Krinkels

Monique Krinkels has been working for over 20 years as an intrenational industry and business press journalist and as editor-in-chief for several professional magazines published by Reed business information. Recently she started as an independent entrepeneur. Having her degree in Dutch language and being near-native in English she is able to produce articles for international publications. As journalist she is well-known for her thorough desk research and sharp in-depth interviews that appear in many magazines.
Clients often gain from her professional network and regurarly this leads to further opportunities. She writes for trade magazines such as The Grower (United Kingdom), Manure Matters (Canada), Pompshop (Netherlands) and Prophyta The Annual, being the international publication of the seed industry. She is an internationally recognised publicist in horticulture and is one of the few leading journalists with in-depth experience in genetic modification and other research techniques.