The company

Logo and name
The Amazon jungle bird blue hyacinth macaw, choosing freedom, flying towards the sun, symbolises the choice for working in freedom.

Blue Bird Publishers was founded from experienced journalists working in international professional horticultural industry, covering technical advancements and new products. This encouraged the well known journalist Monique Krinkels to create her own company. Many other fields of interest have been added from (agro) chemicals to pharmaceuticals and Blue Bird Publishers have built-up a broad network of expertise, that is available for all our clients.

Strength in journalism
We are experts in refining typical trade or industry press jargon into easy to read text that is focused specifically towards the target group and reader.
We can translate any relevant text to and from a modern language through our network so that international companies can offer the text and information to clients worldwide in their own language.

Independent professional news
Blue Bird Piblishers recognize that nowadays professionals demand accurate to-the-point information. Complicated technical or scientific texts can be transformed and made accessible to a broader audience. Specific attention to the tone and right focus on details are distinctive characteristics of the articles.

Strength in communication
Blue Bird Publishers offers pragmatic strong support aimed at giving optimal results, where matters of positioning and strategy are always taken into consideration.
In intrnal communication, where culture differences play an important role, support can be offered.

Temporary support, interim management
For temporary projects and events, Blue Bird Publishers offers in-house support by specialists.

Public affairs
Professional public relations is more than a knowledge of a product or service. It requires the right tone to provide the optimal result and a sensitivity for circumstances. Serious problems within an organization or company of whatever nature need quick direction and guidance within a short space of time. For scenarios and assists, including training of your personnel.